[ANN] Subversion River 0.3.5

Hello everyone,

For those, like me, who haven't already moved everything to Git, I've
written a river to index Subversion (svn) repositories, making it easier to
find changes or history elements in your codebase :

There is a README with instructions to use the river, but is short, after
installing it :
plugin --install com.github.plombard/elasticsearch-river-subversion/0.3.5

You just have to initalize a river which will create an index from your
repository :
curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_river/REPOSITORY/_meta' -d '{
"type": "svn",
"svn": {
"repos": "file:///path_to_REPOSITORY", or "http://url_to_REPOSITORY"
"path": "/",
"update_rate": "600000", (in milliseconds)
"bulk_size": "200",
"start_revision": "1", (starting revision for the indexation process)
"login": login,
"password": password

(most of these fields have default values, only "repos" is mandatory)

Be careful with the bulk_size in particular, as fetching revisions from
the repository is very memory consuming. And pay special attention to the *
password*, as the subversion client has a nasty habit to cache it in plain
text in the home directory.

I'm quite of a newbie with Elasticsearch so the mapping I used is very
simple for now. I plan to improve it so my queries can return better
It's also not the cleanest code around, but I'm using it in production
right now and it works without being too intrusive (and keep in mind that
so far, I'm the only tester :D).

Big thanks to David Pilato, Olivier Bazoud and Tanguy Le Roux, for their
works did make great tutorials to dive into elasticsearch river

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