[ANN] Trigram accelerated regex queries for Elasticsearch version 0.0.2 released

On Friday I released version 0.0.2 of an Elasticsearch plugin to perform
accelerated regular expression search against source documents. This
version has stability and speed improvements for complex queries. It:

  1. Prevents the compilation step from consuming tons and tons of memory.
    Now it'll throw an exception if it tries to compile a regex that is too big.
  2. Prevents complex regular expressions from performing hundreds of term
    queries against the trigrams. There is now a parameter to limit the number
    of term queries that are attempted to prefilter the documents. This
    prevents memory exhaustion.
  3. Speeds up some of the internals of the compilation step several orders
    of magnitude for complex queries.

If you are brave enough to have used version 0.0.1 of this plugin you
should certainly upgrade to version 0.0.2.

As always you can try it on our beta site:


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