[ANNOUNCE] es-sql 1.0.1 Query Elasticsearch using SQL

(Taowen) #1

We love SQL and want to leverage the full power of elasticsearch. Using syntax like

$ cat << EOF | ./es_query.py
    WITH SELECT MAX(market_cap) AS max_all_times FROM symbol AS all_symbols;
    WITH SELECT MAX(market_cap) AS max_at_2000 FROM all_symbols 
        WHERE ipo_year=2000 AS year_2000

You can create drill-down aggregation without create deeply nested json

It is written in Python, it can be:

  1. a python library to query elasticsearch
  2. a console command
  3. a http server providing SQL api

If you like Java, there is also a Java version coming.

(Mark Walkom) #2

We also welcome announcements like these in this category - https://discuss.elastic.co/c/annoucements/community-ecosystem

(system) #3