[ANNOUNCEMENT] logstash-output-firebase released

As promised earlier, a new Logstash output plugin called logstash-output-firebase is now available to sink event data to your Firebase real-time databases.

This plugin supports the four REST operations provided by Firebase, namely:

  • put: to create new data or modify existing data under a specific database reference
  • patch: to update some of the keys under a specific database reference without replacing all of the data.
  • post: to add new data to a list of data
  • delete: to remove data under a specific database reference

We're still working on a few kinks (auth stuff, etc) but aside from that the output is fully functional.
The output is available and documented here: https://github.com/consulthys/logstash-output-firebase

PS: Thanks to the good folks at Codementor for providing the excellent rest-firebase Ruby library to interact with the Firebase REST API.

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