[Announcement] pyes - Python ElasticSearch 0.12.1 Released

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The new release target elasticsearch 0.12 or above.
pyes is a connector to use elasticsearch from python.
Web: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyes/
Source: http://github.com/aparo/pyes/


  • Thrift/HTTP protocols
  • Bulk insert
  • Index management
  • Every search query types
  • Facet Support
  • Geolocalization support
  • Highlighting
  • Initial River support


v. 0.12.1: Added collecting server info.
Version 0.12 or above requirement.
Fixed attachment plugin.
Updated bulk insert to use new api.
Added facet support (except geotypes).
Added river support.
Cleanup some method.
Added default_indexes variable.
Added datetime deserialization.
Improved performance and memory usage in bulk insert replacing list with StringIO.
Initial propagation of elasticsearch exception to python.

v. 0.12.0: added http transport, added autodetect of transport, updated thrift interface.

v. 0.10.3: added bulk insert, explain and facet.

v. 0.10.2: added new geo query type.

v. 0.10.1: added new connection pool system based on pycassa one.

v. 0.10.0: initial working version.


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