Another multitenant scenario

Hi guys!

I'm looking to find the best indexing strategy for my multitenant data.

Here is my scenario:

  • Tenants: > 10000
  • Each tenant has "User" documents where all of these docs have common
    fields, but also they have tenant-specific fields:
    • { tenant: "contoso", name: "peter", location: { id: 1, City: "New
      York", Street: "57th St" }, metadata: { foo: { bar: "test" } } }
    • { tenant: "fabrikam", name: "mary", location: "San Francisco",
      metadata: { foo: ["bar", "test"] }, plan: "gold" }
    • { tenant: "fabrikam", name: "john", location: "Seattle", metadata:
      { foo: ["abc", "xyz"] }, plan: "silver" }

Any ideas?

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