Another timestamp parsing question

I have this time format:
0705 16:06:23.522

This is my logstash configuration:

json {
            source => "event"
        date {
            match => [ "time",  "MMdd HH:mm:ss.SSS" ]
            remove_field => ["time"]

I get the exception:

{:timestamp=>"2017-07-05T16:06:32.268000+0300", :message=>"Error parsing @timestamp string, setting current time to @timestamp, original in _@timestamp field", :value=>""0705 16:06:23.522"", :exception=>"invalid timestamp string "0705 16:06:23.522", error=java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "0705 16:06:23.522" is malformed at " 16:06:23.522"", :level=>:warn}

Can anyone enlighten me of this exception? The pattern should match and I confirmed it using this debugger:
And I know for a fact that its trying to use this match. When I change it to a wrong format the exception says so.


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