Ansible uri post after upgrade to 7.9.2

I have been using ansible to manage templates and role mappings using the uri method similar to this:

 - name: Post to elastic
      url: "{{ cluster_uri }}/_template/{{ obj }}?pretty"
      method: POST
      body: "{{ lookup('file','files/templates/{{ obj }}.json') }}"
      body_format: json
      user: "{{ elastic.user }}"
      password: "{{ elastic.pass }}"
      validate_certs: no
    delegate_to: localhost
    run_once: true

This quit working when we upgraded from 7.6 to 7.9, failing with a 401 not authorized. Curl with the same creds worked. Adding "force_basic_auth: yes" to the method fixes the problem.

I can't find anything in breaking changes that might relate. I don't know if this is a bug in elasticsearch or some security improvement that requires the change.

Just getting the info here searchable here FYI

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