Any API to ask specific nodes to leave cluster without shutdown?

Do we have any way to call API to ask some nodes leave the cluster without shutdown the node?

Also, are there any API to know what is current "replica number" & "shard number" & "min master node number"? Because I hit a problem is when we rolling upgrade Elasticsearch nodes, some nodes set its shard=2 and join to the cluster, but current master set its shard=6, when those nodes with shard=2 become the master, they create indices with shard=2.(Supposedly it should be 6).

I need to make sure at any moment when I ask cluster, they can give me correct info.
PS: Is this normal that in a cluster, some nodes will not respect master settings( for example: shard number)? Supposedly any joined node should receive master node config and every node in the cluster should have consist configuration?

There is not.

How are you defining the number of shards to be set, in the config file?

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