Any efficient way to perform shards reduction of the original index? Need to do shards rebalancing after shards reduction?

Hi, we are trying to reduce number of primary shards, from 5 shards and one replica shard of each primary, to 2 primary shards and one replica of each primary shard.

The process we are going to do as follow. Wondering if we have easier way to do it?

  • Reindex the original index (original - 5primary shards, 1 replica for each primaryu) to a new index with “_new” at the back. (original_new – 2 primary shards, 1 replica for each primary )
  • Delete the original index
  • Reindex the ”original_new” back to “original” index
  • Delete the original index

We have 8 nodes in our cluster, I am wondering do we still need to perform shard rebalancing in the cluster, so all the shards can spread evenly. We already have cluster.routing.allocation.enable all set in our cluster.

Also what is the different between cluster.routing.allocation.enable and cluster.routing.rebalance.enable . I am not able to tell the detail different between these two?

(Dynamic) Enable or disable allocation for specific kinds of shards:

all - (default) Allows shard allocation for all kinds of shards.

(Dynamic) Enable or disable rebalancing for specific kinds of shards:

all - (default) Allows shard balancing for all kinds of shards.

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