Any place to get more details about upgrading from Es 2.x to ES 6.x?

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I have read through much of the documentation about migrating from ES 2.x to ES 6.x. Specifically first migrating to ES 5.6.x and then migrating to ES 6.x. Unfortunately I have been unable to find finer grained details such as how/what to do when your ES 2.x indices contains multiple types per index and has parent-child relationships. Does anyone know of a place with a concrete example of what was done in and how this was done in this scenario? Specifically:

  1. Can I take a snapshot of ES 2.x and then restore it in ES 5.6. Then take a snapshot of the ES 5.6 indices and restore it in ES 6.x considering I have multiple types per index and parent-child relationships?

  2. Would I be able to continue to use these indices in ES 6.x and continue the multiple types per index and parent-child relationships?

Any help is appreciated!

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There are details here about the new join field suggestion for maintaining some kind of relationship between parent and child. Looking at the schedule for removal of mapping types, new indices created in 6.x cannot have multiple types or parent/child, but indices created in < 6.x with these types will continue to work in 6.x. If you have templates that will be creating new indices with multiple types in 6.x, you should update those, or they will fail.

So to answer your questions directly

  1. Ultimately you're going from 2.x to 6, right? So you have to start up 5.6.x (compatibility release for 6), reindex your 2.x indices which creates them in 6.0 compatible format, then start up 6.x and you'll be fine.
  2. You can continue to do this if these indices are created in version < 6. You can't create new 6.x indices with multiple types per index or parent-child relationships.

Please also follow this guide, it's really helpful.

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I should have mentioned..

You cannot simply restore a 2.x index into 5.x and then again in 6.x. It will still be created in 2.x, which is incompatible with 6.x.

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Thank you so much for the reply. That was exactly what I was looking for!

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