Any relationship between refresh_interval & bulk_write task time?

Is it normal to have longer bulk_write time if I increase the refresh_interval to say 300 seconds?
I have noticed an index bulk_write is taking more than 4 seconds. Not sure if this is normal or cause for concern.

I get the time from periodically calling GET /_cat/tasks?v&detailed=true.

Is that when you are increasing the refresh? Or is that just how long you are seeing the bulk take?

I'm seeing bulk write to an index with long completion time. That index happens to have refresh_interval set to 300s.
I did not see this before. We recently increase the refresh_interval from 120 to 300.
Hence this question.
It might be something else, but just to check if this is a known behavior before going further.

What version of Elasticsearch are you running?


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