Any upcoming ES features that target updating fast changing fields (like social signals) without the need for reindexing the entire document?

afaik, this is not available at the moment, but hinted on a couple of times
in the past.

by Shay here:
"Regarding the fast "variables" updates that allow for updates, yes, it is
planned for elasticsearch (I alluded to it in several IRC conversations and
answers on the mailing list), so I had a quick look at how its implemented
in index tank, and its very problematic (it flushes all of it periodically
to disk, not sure how it survives failures, and of course, how it works in
distributed env)."

I'm also aware of something Yonik worked on in Solr back in the day called
'external data sources' if my memory serves me correctly, which could
perhaps be used for this. Might be interesting.

Any Github issue to follow the progress on this?


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