Apachelogs missing from Data Analysis with Kibana lab

Currently taking the on-demand Data Analysis with Kibana. Started Lab 4.1: Introduction to TSVB and got down to step 3 to work through the display. Entered "apachelogs*" in the index field along with all the other settings and get "No data to display".

Went back to Discover. The "users*" is the default listed. Pulled down the arrow to Change Index Pattern and the only indexes that I see are: user_messages*, users, and users*. No apachelogs*. Did I miss a step in creating the index? I can't continue with the training since the apachelogs* index is used for the remainder of the labs.

Just started the lab two days ago, so I haven't passed the expiration date mentioned in a previous discussion.

Hi Clark,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Discuss forum.

Could you please confirm if you're able to create an index pattern "apachelogs*" as per Task 1 of Lab 4.1?
If you're unable to create that index pattern because it doesn't match any indices, please reach out to me via private message and I will ask you for some more details that will help me resolve this issue.

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Boy, did I have an early morning brain laps. And I've been through both Elastic Engineering 1 & 2 and just breezed past it. And I know I looked at it a number of time.

Thanks for waking me up and making me think.


No probs, glad this was solved.

Enjoy the rest of the course!


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