API Key, IP Filtering on ECE


I'm considering to use Elasticsearch Cloud in AWS. So I have questions about security.

  • When I access to Elasticsearch Cloud, can I use api key?
  • Can I use IP Filtering?

Those feature are provided by x-pack, but I do not know all feature of x-pack is enable on Elasticsearch Cloud.

We are currently fairly far into a beta programme supporting API keys - so you may be able to enroll in that (in fact everyone using IP filtering is enrolled I believe)

The "x-pack" IP filtering is not supported but we are fairly far into a beta programme supporting a Cloud variant of this (currently there's no UI so we're supplying people with API key access and API documentation

The process for finding out more than this very quick summary would be either to contact to sign up for an account https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch/service and then contact support from the help form

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Thank you for replying.

I understood that we can use API key and IP filtering in a beta program.
I'll contact support team, thank you

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