Apm-agent doesn't sending transactions

I'm trying to analyse a query made to a sql server through the tedious driver, in the apm server on kibana i can see the errors and the metrics, but i can't see any transactions, I'm running the apm agent in the top of a node js application. Please tell me if i am doing something wrong. Here is my apm agent configuration:

var apm = require('elastic-apm-node').start({
    serviceName: 'sqlserver',
    serverUrl: 'xxx:8200'

var Connection = require('tedious').Connection;

var config = {
    server : "myserver",
    authentication: {
        type: "default",
        options: {
            userName: 'sa',
            password: 'mypass',
    options: {
        database: 'myDb'

    var connection = new Connection(config);

    connection.on('connect', function (err) {

var Request = require('tedious').Request;

function executeStatement() {
    request = new Request("select * from mytable", function (err, rowCount) {
        if (err) {
        } else {
            console.log(rowCount + ' rows');

    request.on('row', function (columns) {
        columns.forEach(function (column) {


Is the application exiting right after the query finishes?

If so, you need to use agent.flush(callback) to flush the internal data to the APM Server.

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