APM agent installation on applications running as a service without jar files

HI Team,

We are having an use-case to install APM agent on Applications running as a service(Bitbucket/Jira applications), we have researched on elastic documentation but couldn't find a solution to install APM agent without jar files. kindly help us to resolve this issue.

FYI: we referred to below link along with other official blogs.



Hi @divakar_maradana ,

So if I understand correctly, you are running a bitbucket / Jira instance on your server, but it's a packaged application that is installed as a local service. Is that right ?

There are two options in this case:

  • use the runtime attachment CLI tool that allows to attach to any running JVM
  • modify the startup scripts of those services to include -javaagent option, it's usually located close to where -Xmx____ and -Xms____ parameters are being set to control JVM memory usage. You should be able to find more details in Jira/Bitbucket documentation for those.

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