Apm agent on openshift

hy everyone,

im newbie at elastic apm and i want to install apm agent on openshift, anyone can help me how to deploy apm agent on openshift or anyone have a guide how to deploy apm agent on openshift or link?

Thanks before.

Hi, if you have openshift 3.X you need create a Dockerfile with apm-server, if you have openshift 4.x you can use ECK.

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hi israel,

how about if i have a elastic apm server with on prem server and i want to monitoring application where application running on openshift, how to install apm agent?


It's different for each language but the process is similar.

You need to create a base image with the apm agent inside and the default configuration.

Before that, you must have apm server running

hmmm..i see, I've thought of that way, but it seems difficult to do, because the app team doesn't want to do that, because their app is already running.

how about that?

It's impossible, you need to build and deploy

oke, thanks for your explain

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