Apm-agent-ruby shows error with no description

I am trying to use Elastic APM in Rails. When it starts it responds with an error:
[ElasticAPM] APM Server reponded with an error:

I am not able to identify the problem here. My apm server is running fine over nginx. When I try to reach the server url through browser it shows: {"ok":{"build_date":"2018-11-09T17:48:30Z","build_sha":"2c46a2919dbe06767caeacbffd0055aab1493991","version":"6.5.0"}}
I also tried "apm-server -e" but it shows no error.

Hi Abhimanyu. Can you provide a bit more information on how you've set up the two? What versions are you using (Rails, Ruby, APM Server, the APM gem)? Did you set a secret_tokenon the server?

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