APM Data Storing capabilities when server is down

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Is there a way to store APM data using APM agents when the APM server goes down or if we are to switch off the server for a maintenance. I have gone through below topic on what happens if the APM server goes down. I need to know if there is a way to store data like in a separate database, so that there won't be any data loss.

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If you are talking about the apm server only, the easiest way would be to install a second apm server and run them behind a loadbalancer. When maintaining one server all requests can be processed by the other.

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Agents only have a small in-memory buffer for data. We currently don't have plans to change that.

However, a feature that we're currently working on is to allow APM Server to buffer its data on disk. So you could install an APM Server on the same host that your services run on. If the connection between APM Server and Elasticsearch is down or slow, APM Server can spool the data to disk and continue indexing once the connection is stable again.

Would that model work out for your use case?

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