Doubts: Sending data from apm-agent to apm-server

I have few questions,
Does APM keeps polling the data from apm-agent to apm-server ?
Does the agent waits for response from the server ?
What will be the response from the server ?
Does APM group the details(data) and send it as a bulk to the apm-server for every time interval ?
Is there any specific pattern followed while sending the data to apm-server ?

Hi @AkbarHabeeb,

Agents stream captured data (metrics, spans, transactions) to apm-server, there is no polling from server.

Agents do not really wait on server replies and sending data is done on a separate thread thus there is no impact on a "slow server" situation, if server is not responsive there is no impact on application transactions, some monitoring data may be dropped though.

Data is not sent aggregated from agent to server, but it's compressed, which provides a good compromise on "streaming almost real-time and network efficiency".

I'm not sure to understand your question about "patterned followed while sending the data to apm-server", can you elaborate a bit ?

Thanks for your quick reply @Sylvain_Juge. Your answers added some insights over my thoughts.
It will be great if you can help with the following doubts as well,

  • How often data is sent from apm-agent to apm-server ? (Does agent hits the API everytime a new action takes place in the service/application)
  • Will it cause issues, if more than 5 applications are sending their collected data from agent to one apm-server.

Can you please explain how the compression works will sending the data to apm-server ?

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