APM Server status is You have correctly setup APM Serve But Agent status is No data has been received

Hello Team,

I'm trying to configure APM for my Java project. APM Server says "You have correctly setup APM server" but Agent says "No data bas been received from agent yet" whereas I can the jar logs says "Elastics APM Server is Available"

Kibana version - 7.17.0:

Elasticsearch version - 7.17.0:

APM Server version - 8.15.0:

APM Agent language and version - 1.14.0:

Browser version - Chrome:

**Original install method - Docker-compose

**Fresh install or upgraded from other version - Fresh


This log message indicates that the agent is able to communicate with apm-server, but it does not mean that the agent has sent any data.

The agent will send metrics by default after a few minutes, or when there is some activity on the application, like handling a few HTTP requests in the case of an HTTP-based application.

Besides what you see in the UI, you can also look for APM data indices by using Discover tab in Kibana.

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