APM error Id in email alert


Our application is in Java Spring boot. We have integrated with APM during startup of application.
APM is showing up health and requests.

Recently, we have added email alerts for the exceptions or errors raised in the my application.

We have configured email alerts in Menu->Stack management-> Alerts and Actions

We wanted to include error Url in the email. As the URL should point to specific error. wanted to include error Id in the url.
In the below URL what is the configuration value for bold part.


For example: test-app in the above url is my application name which is {{alertInstanceId}} configuration value of APM.

Please let me know how to get this value c3fdc4236bd9f40f3014af8bac076f0a(dynamic) in email.

Hi there,

This is unfortunately not currently possible but I've created an issue that you can subscribe to and we will try to prioritise it in one of the upcoming releases.

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Thanks so much for taking up. We would be waiting for this feature. :slight_smile:

So that from mail alert we can directly get to specified error instead of errors tab

Yes, this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the feedback

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