APM Go Agent doesn't sends any requests to APM-server

Trying to configure APM Go Agent with a simple example:


package main

import (


func main() {
	err := godotenv.Load()
	if err != nil {
		log.Println("Error loading .env file")
	tx := apm.DefaultTracer.StartTransaction("GET /api/v1", "request")
	tx.Result = "HTTP 2xx"
	tx.Context.SetTag("region", "us-east-1")
	defer tx.End()

	e := apm.DefaultTracer.NewError(errors.New("error"))



No requests, no logs. I have looked net packets with Wireshark. No packets with dst port 8200 on client machine

Hi Arsalan, thanks for trying out the Elastic APM Go agent!

The Go agent starts a background goroutine to send events to the APM Server. What's happening here is that your process is exiting before the goroutine has a chance to send them.

For testing purposes, Tracer has a method called Flush, which you can call to force any enqueued events to be flushed to the server. Tracer.Flush takes a single argument, a channel which will abort the flush (you can pass nil to wait until the flush completes, successfully or not.)

So just add this to the end of your main function:



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