APM Java agent - capture body backend request - Apache HttpClient

we have one issues... we have some WildFly application which is doing some B2B operations (SOAP request and response) and behind it is also invoking Apache HttpClient request toward some backend systems and based on response from backend it is building response back to cleint

we completely capture body request from this Wildfly application (request and response) and we see in timeline POST request toward this backend system but when i open this request we dont see POST body request

so question is .. how can we capture Apache HttpClient request which is requested by this WildFly application

thanks in advance

APM Server ver 7.3
Agent version 1.9.0

Currently there is no way to capture the body of outgoing (client) http requests. That's mainly due to concerns in terms of overhead.

Hi Felix,

thanks for this answer..
is there any plans for enabling this in future?

we are using this in telco and it would be super for trouleshooting issues which we have with backend systems


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