Apm capture response body

hey community,

i use apm agent java version 1.18.0 and i dont know ,does the agent support the capture of the response body?

Your SinceRELY

Hi @yassine,

No, we only capture request body at the moment.

Capturing the response body is likely to have a huge performance impact, thus I'm not sure how it could be used in practice.

What is your use-case ? If it's debugging slow request/response, can you identify those with request attributes ? something like HTTP headers, request parameters, URL path ?

first of all , thank you for your feedback.
the objectove of having the response body is to facilitate the analysis of the differents calls to the microservices.in order to make the analysis more flexible but aftern some reflection, i think will be able to reproduce the same callss with use the request body and the header metadata call.

generally the response body and more voluminous which can eventually cause performance problems.

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