Capture Body in request errors is not working (Java agent)

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I have APM 6.5 and java agent v1.
The agent is configured with -Delastic.apm.capture_body=errors
But in APM UI, when I go to errors tab, the body has the value [REDACTED].

Also i have configured the transaction_sample_rate with 0.1,
Does this setting affect to capture_body?

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Hi Pablo and thanks for checking out the Java agent!

Note that capture_body can currently only capture form parameters at the moment. See


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Sorry, I didn't understand you.

I have an aplication running with -Delastic.apm.capture_body=errors. This flag capture body request when that request is an error. But when i check that errors, bodies have [REDACTED] value.

When that body is captured?

Thanks for reply!

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That's correct. But it can't capture arbitrary request bodies like JSON documents sent to your server. It currently only works when the body contains a application/x-www-form-urlencoded request body.

What type of request bodies are you trying to capture?


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Thanks for reply, I thought that the all bodies from the request flagged as error was sent to APM.

I'm trying to capture an application/json body, now I've realized that is not supported. There are a way to get it?

Thanks for your help!

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