APM only capture 500 code requestBody ,can not caputure 200 requestBody

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I set the agent Configuration : -Delastic.apm.capture_body=all
and then I can see the http requestBody of status code 500, but I can not see the requestBody of status code 200. What can I do so that I can see all the requestBody both 200 and 500 status code. My request are Post and application/json

Hi and welcome to our forum!
Please verify that those requests, for which you fail to get the body captured, are actually sent with a Content-Type header with a value that matches the capture_body_content_types configuration.

yes I see the configration and my content-Type is in the default , so I did not set the capture-body-content-types specially

I try to set capture-body-content-types specially=*
and I find I can receive the request body ,I m guess that your document have some wrong.
because my content-Type is application/json ,

Thanks for letting us know.
If you could reproduce the problem and send ALL headers sent with a request where the agent failed to capture body using the original configuration, that would be very useful for us.

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