Apm Request Body Redacted

"original": "[REDACTED]"

can some one help me getting data instead of redacted in apm service body i am trying to capture the json body from java

for single service i can make those settings but there are multiple services where we cannot edit for all services

I use elk stack at 8.13 and latest apm

@pabloborh @xeraa

Look at the capture_body setting: Core configuration options | APM Java Agent Reference [1.x] | Elastic

And please don't ping people directly. This is a place for free and best effort help. If you need to be able to ping people, please look into our paid support options.

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Thanks @xeraa for the help and sure will purchase the plan and check there in case needed

In previous version i have done any settings like capture body in ELk 8 version i am getting this issue and can you suggest me making changes from server level instead of agent level ?