APM java agent memory usage

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Is there a way to monitor and limit memory usage for the java apm agent? I believe this agent is making my java app to run out of memory.


apm java agent version: 1.16.0
apm-server: 7.8


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If you are using gRPC, you should upgrade the agent at least to 1.17.0 where a related memory leak was fixed.

Measuring the agent overhead is best done by comparing same scenarios/load-tests with and without the agent. Let us know if you see something interesting.

Regarding limiting the agent - there is no memory quota to apply, but you can use the circuit breaker to make sure the agent disables itself if the JVM gets into a heap stress.

In addition, go over the tuning and overhead page to get an idea of what's causing it. If you are using non-default agent configurations, try disabling them to see if there is any specific one related.

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