APM Logs page returns logs for the previously chosen environment

Hello! Last Thursday I updated Elastic Stack on Cloud up to the version 8.6.1 (from 8.4.1) and I did the same to Metricbeat and Filebeat (from 7.17.6). Everything looked fine after the update but today I discovered that the APM Logs page is behaving strangely. When I enter this page in the chosen service with the environment filter set to All, the page doesn't show any logs. Then if I set the filter to DEV, the page starts to show logs for all the environments. Then if I set the filter to PRD, the page starts to show logs for DEV. Looks like it always brings results of the previously chosen filter, not the actual, so there is no way to access this tab and see logs for the chosen environment. I've already tried to check new settings in the Kibana, recreated my data view and even downgraded Filebeat a few times (down to 7.17.6), but nothing of this has helped. Is there anyone else who is using version 8.6.1 and who has encountered this inconsistency on the APM Logs page? Is there something missing in my configuration? I'm using Java APM agent 1.34.1 to collect APM information if it is important for troubleshooting.


Thank you for raising this.

Currently, the logs correlation within APM does not take the service.environment into account.

This is on our radar and we are working towards adding support for it.


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