APM - No system metrics


I found a previous topic that said the system metrics in APM are not currently available

Is there any change to this? - I am just trying to confirm if me not getting metrics is a configuration issue or not.


Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forum! All of the agents except for RUM capture a handful of common system metrics:

  • system/process CPU usage
  • system/process memory usage

Apart from those, recent versions of the agents collect additional runtime-specific metrics.

Which agent(s) are you using, and which version of the stack?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using version 7.1.1 monitoring a Tomcat Java app server. To set it up I copied the elastic-apm-agent-1.7.0.jar file to the app server and edited the wrapper.conf in Tomcat with the following:





update - I have upgraded to 7.2. The Metric dashboard now looks different as it includes charts for Heap memory, but still no data. If I look at the events coming through there is nothing that identifies the system name. My guess is I have missed something on the config.

Hi Richard,

This config option doesn't support a list, only a single value. You can either omit this config (in order to get a service per web application in your tomcat) or use with a single value for a service name to be used for the entire tomcat. Please read the documentation. If you omit the service_name in order to rely on automatic service name discovery - be aware of the caveat documented regarding metrics. Otherwise- use a single value.

Not a valid config for this. Instead, use the root package for your app code (eg co.elastic) or a comma-separated list of packages (eg co.elastic,org.elasticsearch).

I hope this helps,

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