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APM Kibana Dashboard shows all the metrics except for CPU usage and Memory usage for server x. The infrastructure Dashboard shows all the CPU and Memory metrics using metricbeat for server x.

Is there a specific configuration/beat or index that APM needs to supply the CPU and Memory usage or is this being extracted from the APM agent?

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Hi Thanks for using the elastic APM Agent.

Which agent are you using?


Using Elastic-apm-agent.jar v 1.1.0 and this is hooked into Glassfish. Based on your question do the cpu and memory metrics get exported from the apm agent?



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Java agent Correct?

Metrics started getting reported in agent 1.3.

You should be able to see these metrics in the Discover App.


The APM Metrics are in the APM Application

Not all the visualization are available yet in the dashboards.

It you get to agent version 1.3+ (I would try 1.4) and ES 6.6 you should be able to see something like this.


Yes java agent and I really should of thought of the obvious but somehow decided the the system metrics were coming from metricbeat not and updated apm agent!

Will get it updated and many thanks for the time and assistance,



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