Node.JS process metrics like GC not getting captured by APM agent


i have integrated the ELK apm to my Node Js application. I see the request calls, latency, throughput but i do not see any metric related to event loops and GC unlike i can see it incase of Java applications on Kibana APM UI.

Could you suggest if any thing is missed out during the configurations.


You can find CPU usage and system memory usage in the metrics overview page. These metrics are displayed for all agents while for the Java agent additional metrics are displayed such as heap memory.

You can find more information about the metrics overview page in the Kibana documentation.

You can also find the supported metrics in the Node.js agent documentation, although only the aforementioned metrics are displayed in Kibana.


@gbamparop Can we add node.js agent metrices on metric overview page? I dont seem to find anyway to do that. If there is any, please suggest.

@satpreetsn Hi. I'll ask about getting Node.js-specific metrics into the default APM metrics UI.

For now there is a separate dashboard for Node.js metrics here that you should be able to manually import: apm-contrib/apm-agent-nodejs/dashboards at main · elastic/apm-contrib · GitHub

How can i track if those metrics are available for nodejs in apm metrics overview page. ? Accordingly will upgrade to the latest agent/server version

@satpreetsn [APM] Runtime metrics for all agents in the APM App · Issue #224 · elastic/apm · GitHub is probably the best current issue to follow for this.

This issue is open since Mar 2020. When can we expect to be released?

@satpreetsn There has been some internal discussion much more recently. However, it won't be in the short term. There isn't any promised schedule of features I can give.

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