Node.js Monitoring

Hi there,

We're happily using APM with our multiple Node.js apps, but we would really like to monitor Node metrics as well.

A few data we'd like to see are:

  • event loop delay
  • cpu usage
  • memory usage
  • active event handlers

I came accross & but the ELK bridge seems to be unmaintained and outdated.

Is this something you plan to add to APM or is there an alternate way of tracking those that you would recommend ?


Hi Jérémie

Good question. Yes, we're currently working on adding metric support to Elastic APM. Specifically which metrics we'll track in the first iteration is still undecided, but I personally would like to see all the metrics you mentioned to be tracked at some point.

There's no release date yet, but keep an eye on the Elastic APM release notes.


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Btw, if you'd like to follow the metrics implementation in the Node.js agent more closely, you can keep an eye on this GitHub issue:

Just bear in mind that even when this issue is resolved and released, it doesn't necessarily mean that the metrics feature is available in the APM UI in Kibana yet (as we might release a feature in the agent some time before the Kibana release, or the Kibana implementation might be delayed for other reasons). But you can of course always create a custom Kibana dashboard in that case.

Cool, starting with our custom dashboard would be a good enough solution for now.
I'll be following this issue then, thanks!

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