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I'm trying to test RUM agent on a docker based Elastic APM (6.4.1) on an ubuntu server.
Whereas everithing works using elastic-apm-node, I'm unable to make elastic-apm-js-base works.

I have this error while running APM: Platform is not supported!

Here is my really simple apm-server.yml file :

    enabled: true

    hosts: elasticsearch:9200

What am I missing to make it work ?

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Thanks for your interest in Elastic APM.
As the error message suggests you're using the RUM JavaScript agent in a platform that is not supported.
The RUM agent is designed to monitor frontend JavaScript application performance that run in the browser, you can see the table of supported browsers here.

You can find instructions on how to add the agent to your frontend application here.

Would you please provide more detail about your application and your use-case?
Are you trying to monitor a server-side rendered frontend application? Or do you want to add the RUM agent automatically to all of the pages served from your server application?



Hmm, I totally missed the fact that this agent is for frontend...
My bad, I don't need frontend monitoring for now.
Thank you for your answer.

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