APM server failed to listen:listen tcp

Hi APM Tech Team,

I have ubuntu server 18.xx LTE on EC2 and i try to install the AMP server by using the below commands ,
But i am getting error.

curl -L -O https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/apm-server/apm-server-6.4.0-amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i apm-server-6.4.0-amd64.deb

ERROR [beater]beater/beater.go:136failed to listen:listen tcp bind: address already in use
INFO instance/beat.go:373 apm-server stopped.

Can you Please help me on this.

Is something else already listening on port 8200 on your machine? You can check this by running:

sudo lsof -i :8200


root@ip-172-31-34-100:/etc/apm-server# sudo lsof -i :8200
apm-serve 12279 root 3u IPv4 3021673 0t0 TCP localhost:8200 (LISTEN)

Now m getting that response , i think so APM is running now.
can i have the command to start and stop se service of APM and status of APM service on the server.

Thanks in advance.

@shaunak but still m getting that errro while runnig this command

apm-server -e

2018-10-30T14:41:56.162Z INFO instance/beat.go:273 Setup Beat: apm-server; Version: 6.4.0
2018-10-30T14:41:56.162Z INFO elasticsearch/client.go:163 Elasticsearch url:
2018-10-30T14:41:56.162Z INFO pipeline/module.go:98 Beat name: ip-172-31-36-99
2018-10-30T14:41:56.162Z INFO instance/beat.go:367 apm-server start running.
2018-10-30T14:41:56.162Z INFO [beater] beater/beater.go:172 self instrumentation is disabled
2018-10-30T14:41:56.163Z ERROR [beater] beater/beater.go:136 failed to listen:listen tcp bind: address already in use
2018-10-30T14:41:56.163Z INFO instance/beat.go:373 apm-server stopped.

Try sudo service apm-server stop and then run the sudo lsof -i :8200 command? Do you still see an apm-server process listening on 8200?

I faced the same issue when I stop the apm-server and run the sudo lsof -i :8200. No process is listening on 8200. Then why we are getting the error ?

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