APM server not getting events from Django

(Karmela Meliza Deogracias (Melai)) #1

I setup the apm agent in my django app,verified that the configs are working but I'm not getting any transactions saved in elastic. I created a script that calls a GET endpoint 100x but no transaction is captured.

I only get transactions if there's an error (404, 500). The python manage.py elasticapm test sends the event to apm server too.

Am I missing some configs?


(Benjamin Wohlwend @ APM) #2

Hi Karmela

can you double check if you added the elasticapm.contrib.django.middleware.TracingMiddleware to your MIDDLEWARE list? This might also be called MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES if you use Django 1.11 or lower.


(Karmela Meliza Deogracias (Melai)) #3

Hi Beni,

Yes, I added it in the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES. I already tried setting DEBUG=False in my app.. Still the agent is not receiving any event.

My Django version is 1.9.7

(Benjamin Wohlwend @ APM) #5

Hmm, that's weird. Another possible cause could be that due to some bug, the agent creates invalid requests to the apm-server. Can you try and run the apm-server with the -e flag? This should make it output any errors it encounters while processing requests from the agent.

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