Not getting required information like transaction,error for python(django) application

Successfully installed & inserted piece of code in of my application ,but getting only cpu,memory metrics.kindly suggest why all information not collecting

Hi @shanu

Can you check if DEBUG is set to True in your file? The agent will only collect errors and transactions if it is set to False, or if ELASTIC_APM["DEBUG"] is set to True. See also

Its already set to TRUE

OK, can you try to run these commands in your Django app folder?

./ elasticapm check
./ elasticapm test

The first command does a few sanity checks, the second one should send an error to the configured APM Server. It'll be called TestException: Hi there!. Can you paste the output from the two commands? Make sure to replace any details you don't want to share with ***, like the values forSECRET_TOKEN or SERVICE_NAME.

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