Elastic APM Django INFO logs

I'm actually using the elastic-apm on my Django application and everything is running fine!
But actually we are only actually logging the errors, something like

logger.error("we have a error trying to get the user")

But without the logger.info() being logged, sometimes is hard to understand and debug a specific issue.

So I saw here in the official documentation that we need to use FileBeat to achieve this.

Until now I'm not able to fully understand how configure my Django project to support the correlation between the FileBeat and my ElasticAPM Client.

I was expecting as a final result the possibility to open this tab and see all logs of this transaction.
The info and error level.

And I don't know why I'm seeing those "failed to find message"

I tried to use the 'LOG_LEVEL': 'info', but the problem that ALL info logs is being treated as Error in the Errors tab.
So if I install the FileBeat, I will be able to track all level of my logging by transaction?
Does Elastic Agent can substitute the FileBeat?