Transactions not showing Python APM


I've recently installed and configured the elastic apm server, and am now configuring instrumentation for our python application. We are not using flask or django, but I am under the impression that we should be able to see tracing for our redis & postgres code via the instrumentation implemented in the apm module.

I have included the following code and am seeing metrics data in kibana, but no tracing. Is my understanding and implementation correct given the instrumentation of some standard and 3rd party libraries?

from elasticapm import Client
import elasticapm

client = Client(
  'SERVICE_NAME': 'my-service-name',

  'SERVER_URL': 'http://myapmserver:8200',


  'CAPTURE_BODY': all,

Kibana version: 7.1.0

Elasticsearch version: 7.1.0

APM Server version: 4.1.0

APM Agent language and version: Python, 4.1.0

Browser version: Chrome

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version: pip

**Fresh install or upgraded from other version?: Fresh Install


Hi @srpecnik

if you don't use the Django or Flask integration, you need to tell the agent a few things manually to make it work. This blog post goes into some details. Let me know if that helps you or if you need more information!


Hi @beniwohli,

This is exactly what I needed, thanks!


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