APM Server not working


I'm having issues with APM.
I start some transactions using Agent.Tracer.StartTransaction("test", "xhr_test"); and close it using the End method.
I make over 100 calls but the transactions don't appear on APM.

It worked before and I don't remember changing anything related to APM.
The only change was in Indices(image below) but it was done in a different space:

I check on logs but I don't have any entry related to the service.name or service.environment that I'm working on.

Am I missing something here?

Kibana version: 8.5.3
APM Server version: 8.5.3
APM Agent language and version: .net , version 1.21.0
Elastic cloud installation.

Best regards,
Ruben Marinho

Hi Ruben,

Custom index names are no longer supported since APM Server 8.0 and there should be no need to configure index patterns as shown in APM UI in your screenshot. They should all use the default index patterns.

If it is not working with the correct APM UI index settings, please make sure APM Server documents are indexed into Elasticsearch successfully. To verify, in Kibana Discover, look for documents in indices with index pattern: traces-apm*,logs-apm*,metrics-apm*,apm-*. If it works, to narrow down the problem, you may filter by service.name and service.environment to find your transactions.

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