APM Server unable to get data

I have installed elasticsearch and kibana of version 7.0.0 and then attached apm server of version 7.5.0. I have a servlet based application running on tomcat server on windows(This is a third party application so I don't the service name and application packages). According to this document https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/apm/agent/java/1.x/setup-javaagent.html#setup-tomcat-windows
I have created a file setenv.bat file in bin tomcat folder. The application is running fine but I can't able to get data from apm agent to my apm server.
Here I wanted to know what is service name and application packages need to be given and where can I find these values from my application and where I need to put file, setenv.bat.

Please kindly help me in this issue.

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