APM Service Lifecycle Policies


I started working with lifecycle policies and noticed that you can only choose a lifecycle policy for the whole APM transactions, errors, metrics and spans but not for specified services. I want to choose a lifecycle policy depended on the APM service.
The APM feature to choose an environment variable does not help if you can't choose how to manipulate this specified environment/service.
I use the built-in Kibana APM server and a python and js agent.
I could not find any information or solutions to resolve this problem.

APM Server does not support ILM with manually configured indices. If you want to split your indices per service and want to apply dedicated policies to them you need to set this up manually. Please refer to the docs for some general guidance. For your use case you would need to add the service name to the alias, index etc.
Please ensure all the setup is done before starting APM Server and ingesting data, and disable ILM setup in the server apm-server.ilm.setup.enabled: false, see ilm-setup-config.

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