App search app logs loco togo production - Too Large In Size (~55 Gb!) - How to fix?

Is there any way to manage app-search analytics indices automatically? They are growing too large in size. For example, This index .app-search-app-logs-loco_togo_production-7.1.0-2020.02.14 is currently at 54 Gb! My SSDs are running out of space because of this.

I'm currently on app-search and ES 7.6.0 (latest).

Can someone offer a fix for this?

Update - It'd be really nice if the app-search dashboard offers a cleaner way to automatically purge the large index files that are only being used for Analytics. My SSDs are getting 90% full because of these.

Hi @The-Big-K!

EDIT: I'm sorry if you saw my previous response. It was, unfortunately, not helpful at all.

As for your index sizing issues, ILM is definitely something we've considered adding to App Search. Unfortunately, there is no current estimated timeline for this feature and it is not being worked on at the moment.

We do realize that it is a valuable addition and your post here will certainly help move this feature along!


@Brian_McGue - Ok, I come here in ecstasy. Is there any temporary fix you could suggest? I'm tired of manually deleting the indexes.

Hey @The-Big-K, I can understand your frustration. I think in general, the solution we recommend for now is

We're working on putting together a more concrete example to demonstrate how you would use it with App Search. I will update this post when we have something to share.

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