Massive Index Size

Hi there,

I have indexed 11 Million Documents to a standard ES-Index (
products_de-de) and an AppSearch index (

Actually the AppSearch Index is 6 times the size of the normal index, while there is an additional
.ent-search-document-backend-60547892750dd40d0e4018ce index with roughly 9GBs of size.

This also contributes to enormous load times for a simple search with 1 facet of around 800ms, which also doesn't get cached (fired the same query 10 times without a decrease in load performance), at the same time app-search and Elasticsearch both have > 15GBs of free memory.

The same multi_match query with 1 agg on plain ES takes first ~150ms and then decreases to 35ms in the second request.

We are running the ES Stack on 7.11.1 - maybe this is a faulty version ?

Hi Philipp,

We already have some significant improvements built and they will be shipped in the near-term version. I'll reply to this thread when the new version is available for download.

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Hey Philipp,

Enterprise Search 7.12 has been released! We're really excited about this one. :slight_smile:
Hope it solves your storage and load time problems. Make sure to follow the upgrade guide.

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