App Search error create engine

The documentation describes the process of creating a new Engine through the API but with the default type.

How to create a Engine with elasticsearch type?

I look at debugging requests that come from Kibana, repeat the same request from the API - I get a 400 bad request response.

POST "/api/as/v0/engines"
{"name"=>"ix-name", "search_index"=>{"type"=>"elasticsearch", "index_name"=>"ix_name", "alias_name"=>"search-ix-name-alias"}}
POST "/api/as/v1/engines"
{"name"=>"ix-name", "search_index"=>{"type"=>"elasticsearch", "index_name"=>"ix_name", "alias_name"=>"search-ix-name-alias"}}

Hi @GHostlyFOX , welcome back!

The following should work:

POST "/api/as/v0/engines"

    "name": "engine-name",
    "type": "elasticsearch",
    "index_name": "search-existing-es-index-name"

Where "index_name" must be an existing Search Index name. It must start with search- to make sure Enterprise Search is able to manage it.

Please keep in mind that this API is in Beta, and is subject to change in the future.

I solved the problem.
The error was due to the restriction of user roles.
The user created inside the module does not have rights to add such a Engine.
And API keys too.

Only assigning roles enterprise-search-workplace-search-admin and enterprise-search-app-search-owner made it possible to add Engine type = elasticsearch.

At the same time, the procedure for adding this type of sources is not described anywhere in the documentation.

I'm glad you solved the problem, @GHostlyFOX !

This is not documented yet, as this is a beta feature that is undergoing changes at this very moment. We have lots of plans for Elasticsearch based Engines. Stay tuned!

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