App search: create new engine problem

Hey guys, need help with a create new engine problem on app search.

There is no engine with the same name that I am willing to create. But I did have an engine with the same name previous, so now when I create new engine with this name, it shows an error " Name cannot be reused: xxxxxxx".
Could anyone have any idea of that?

Hello, JyL!

Someone just posted a very similar question, so it seems something is afoot.

Are you using self-managed App Search?

If so, which version?

thanks! same problem

Hey Kellen,
We both are working on the same project.

Okay, neat. I'm going to close the other thread.

I shall look into this. It's ringing a bell, and I believe we fixed the bug.

Will confirm. Sorry for the annoyance.

Yep. Looks like a bug.

The engineering team has an issue for it. We'll take a look and try to get it fixed for the next version. Hopefully this isn't too problematic for your use case.

Enjoy the day and thanks for the report,


Hello JyL and teja_sri,

The engine deletion is an async operation which is executed by the worker component of App Search. Even in normal circumstances, there might be a very short period of time after an engine is marked for deletion when you cannot create an engine with the same name.

There are 2 things I want to ask:

  1. How is App Search started? Is the worker running?
    If you are using just bin/app-search it should be fine, since this is supposed to run all the components.
    On the other hand, bin/app-search app or bin/app-search --process app-server are not starting the worker.

  2. If the worker was started and this is still an issue, is it possible to help us debug it by running bin/app-search --diagnostic-report? This will create an app-search-report-*.zip file. We are only interested in the contents of the app_info.json file included in this zip.

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