App Search: Exact matching with Precision Tuning

We are trying to tweak our search results using precision tuning. In the image we have set the precision tuning to 11. We we then search for parts of words, like "Koni" or "Konin" or even "Koningi", we find nothing. As expected.
However, when search for "Koning" we match on "Koning" but also on "Koningin", which is not an exact match. Why is this the case, even with precision tuning set to 11?

We have a use case such that "Koningin" should not be found when searching for "Koning".

We have found some possible solutions on the web using multi-fields, however, multi-fields are not available in App Search.

We use App Search.
Engine settings:
Language: Dutch
Synonyms: None
Curations: None

Full word matching, Precision tuning, Search results

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