[App Search] Search and join across multiple engines

I'm using App Search. Is it possible to search and join results across two engines?

For instance, let's consider 2 indices:

exam {
exam_completion {
    exam_id: ...
    user_id: ...

Use case: I want to run a search on the exam engine to find exams that have been completed by a given user. Does App Search provide a solution to perform the join?

If not, I would need to have a completion field in the exam collection, but I'm not fond of this solution because the array may contain thousands of elements.


Hi Ismaël, I think the solution you may be looking for is meta engines. These will allow you to combine engines for search operations in App Search.

Hi @nfeekery,

Thank you for you reply!

I don't think meta engines are designed to perform JOIN operations, but rather group multiple indexes under the same engine.

In my use case, I need to search on index exams such that there is a completion for a given user in index exam_completion. Does that make sense?

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